3 Ways to Weather-Proof Your Hair

by kaylyn

Mother Nature sure has some surprises up her sleeve this autumn. First a hurricane on the east coast, followed by a snowy downpour. Now all we are seeing is rain rain rain. Hopefully everyone is staying safe.

Regardless of where you live, it is sure to be a fall full of spontaneous weather. Here are a few ideas for keeping your tresses stylish when you’re fighting Mother Nature at her best.

A cute knit hat. It's a classic and always a good choice, especially if your blowout is a few days old. Toss a hat in your bag for easy accessibility when you need a quick hair fix. Wind can be an annoying issue in the fall and this item is sure to come in handy.


Hair Scarf. This bohemian beauty is a great option for jazzing up your outfit on a foul weather day. It can be worn with hair up or down, and is a fun retro option. This image came from Keiko Lynn's blog and she has some great tutorials if you're not quite sure how to rock the scarf.


Can you ever go wrong with a braid or ponytail? The answer is always no. For those days when you just don't know what to do with your hair and styling isn't an option due to yucky weather... this is your best bet. Try a cute fishtail braid or opt for a feminine ponytail. Or do both together. Timeless options for a busy gal on the go.


What’s your go-to hairstyle for bad weather days? Let us know at SalonPulse Facebook or Twitter.

Love your hair. Love yourself.


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