SP teams up with: For My Girl’s Hair & Skincare

by christina

Since our young teen days we’ve been exposed to hair products, heated tools (curlers, straighteners etc), that have damaging effects as we grow older. It’s so hard to find the right product that re-builds your hair from the inside out to give you your healthy glow & strands back. Tia from For My Girl’s Hair & Skincare makes this common problem as easy as it gets with her wonderful beauty line! We asked to interview her and in return you can receive her special set of hair reconstruction products within our contest! Check it out!

Hi Tia! Tell us a little about you and how you started your business
Hi There!  A little over four (4) years ago, my daughter, Anana was experiencing severe hair breakage from taking swimming lessons in a chlorinated pool.  I tried many different products that did not work to restore her hair, so I decided to create healthy products of my own to help rebuild/reconstruct her damaged tresses.  From there…For My Girl’s Hair & Skin Care was birthed!

What was the first beauty product you ever made?
The first product that I made was named, “Anana’s Sweet Almond Mix.” It is a natural hair oil mix, named after my daughter, Anana.  It really helped to regrow her hair…and it increased the elasticity, strengthened her hair and added a lot of luster, which she really needed. I love this product and she still uses it today.

How long does it usually take to product a product?
Making products is really fun, but it can take nearly an hour to make one product from start-to-finish.  This is mainly because there is typically 3 phases involved…the last being a “cooling down” phase, which is the reason it can take this long.

The scents of your products are magnificent! How do you come up with the yummy formulations?
Thanks for the compliment!
My formulas are always created based on need (i.e., hair breakage, thinning hair, bald spots, etc.)… For example, if I decide to create an anti-breakage hair formula, I research natural ingredients that work best at preventing and repairing damage, promote growth and ingredients that will create healthy, shiny hair.

Where can we buy your items and check out more of your products?
Thanks for asking… My main online store can be found on Etsy at: www.etsy.com/shop/tiasonya .  I also have another online store on WePay: https://www.wepay.com/stores/for-my-girl-s-hair-skin-care

Our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/fmghair

SP teams up with: The Hippy Homemaker

by christina

We’re excited to tell you guys we teamed up with another delightful handcraft all-natural, eco-friendly, organic beauty line for your locks for our contest! We teamed up with The Hippy Homemaker who handcrafs all her products with NO harsh chemicals to keep your hair in check and the best it can ever look, all the time. She was lovely enough to send us along a few products of her own for us to review before the winner receives it! Check out our review and interview with The Hippy Homemaker!

Coconut Lime Beach Spray: I’m a huge lover of flirty tousled beach hair, and I literally wear my hair wavy every day so this was the perfect addition to my hair care family. The scent can be described as light, fresh, and a hint of fruity. It had my hair looking like i just walked off the beach all day long, and not dry like most beach sprays tend to do!

Head Trip Hair Pomade: This is a great one for the ladies rocking short hair cuts or men that use gel on a regular basis. The shea butter and organic jojoba oil conditions your hair while it styles and makes you look awesome! Not to forget, the scent also is light and fresh, and has slight lime/lemony smell that we love.

Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start your brand The Hippy Homemaker?
After having a lot of spinal cord surgeries, nerve pains, and narcolepsy, I was really starting to feel like my body couldn’t take it anymore. I was eating unhealthy, living unhealthy, and thinking unhealthy. After illness seemed to follow me around every corner, I got fed up and decided to make a big change in our lives. I started by taking all of the chemicals out of our lives and blogging about it. From there, our lives started changing for the better. We all stopped getting sick, we were feeling healthier with less pain, and most shockingly I totally cured my narcolepsy just by diet and lifestyle. The next natural progression was to start making my own beauty products. I gave them away as gifts for Christmas last year and people just started clamoring back to me, to get more. I knew I had found my calling.

Do you have a background in beauty product making? How did you learn the perfect formula’s for your products?
Since I was a little girl, I was always the chick that would try all of those beauty tips that comes from your fridge. If you came by 12 year old me’s house on a Friday night, you would have seen me with avocado and banana smashed all over my face. I loved to make tea and use it for toner on my face, though when I was younger I was guided more by my sense of smell than my knowledge of the right herbs or oils to use. Now, as I spend all of my time studying for my Master Aromatherapy certification and doing homework for my Master Herbalist diploma, I realize some of the natural talent I had for using the food in our fridge as beauty products. The right formula for my products has come from plenty of trial and error! It’s all a learning experience every single day.
We love your light, fresh scents! What’s your personal favorite?
During the summer I have been a really big fan of the Grapefruit Lavender! It has really been my best seller for every product that I put it in. Coming September 1st, I will be revealing my fall line of scents (and taking away a few beloved summer ones, but don’t worry your pretty little heads, you can always custom order your favorites whether they are listed or not!) and my fall/winter all time favorite is going to among them. I haven’t told anyone else this, (so shhhhh!) but pumpkin spice is going to be one of those scents and it is definitely my fall/winter favorite!

What’s your favorite thing about being a beauty product designer?
I think this to myself all the time…the fact that my hands are ALWAYS so darn soft! Ha! I love that my job makes my skin softer…I also really enjoy being able to whip my girlfriends up a batch of herbal mud facials and give us all high quality spa experience, right in my own home. Being able to make my own products when I run out, is definitely a big perk of the job!
Where can we check out & purchase your eco-friendly products?
I currently sell my products in my shop on Etsy (www.etsy.com/shop/TheHippyHomemaker), but I can also be found on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/hippyhomemaker) or my blog (www.thehippyhomemaker.com)

SP teams up with: Nicole Made This

by christina

Nicole Butler, creator of the beauty line Nicole Made This, focuses on creating all her products using the finest ingredients, and all made in small batches to ensure quality just for you. We’re stoked that we’re able to team up with her for our contest because we know our Facebook friends would love to add these in their beauty regimen! We interviewed Nicole about her business and how she began her lovely beauty line. Make sure to read below and submit your photo’s in to receive these products below!

Fresh Hair In A Flash: All Natural Vegan Dry Shampoo/Instant Hair Volumizer. Add some to your hair if you’re in a rush or want some instant volume, fresh smelling strands!

Healthy Hair Stuff: Sulfate & Paraben free conditioning cleanser. Keep your strands in check and cleanse with this conditioning treatment to keep hair soft and shiny with moisture and vitality.

Surfer Style Stuff: Want to look like you’ve been soaking in the beach sun all year long?  The natural salts in this spritz add texture and volume and can even amp up the definition on natural curls! It will do just the trick!

Hi Nicole! Tell us about yourself and how you began “Nicole Made this”

I live in Jacksonville Florida with my husband and two cats. If I’m not in the kitchen blending bath goodies, I’m in there cooking. It’s my favorite room in the house… next to my master bathroom! I’m as addicted to indulging in my products pampering myself as I am with the process of creating them – it’s a vicious sweet-smelling cycle! I also love to read, dance, stand up paddleboard, watch movies & television, play mini-golf, Cornhusker football, and travel.
I started making my own products over a decade ago in order to fulfill my own needs – caring for my sensitive and allergy prone skin on a very limited budget. It quickly became an affordable means of gift giving for holidays and special events, and that led to requests for replacement product from the gift recipients, so it seemed a natural progression to make the products available to anyone else who might enjoy them.

We love your line “it’s gourmet cooking for the outside of your body.” and it’s so very true! How did you come up with and perfect your formulas?

Thank you! When I first started making products they were honestly nothing spectacular – they did the job without causing my skin any issues – but when I started applying techniques I’d learned in cooking and baking I noticed a rapid evolution into something very special. I combine almost three decades of a pure passion for product, a solid understanding of the beneficial ingredients that accompanies that experience, consultation with professional associates such as estheticians and dermatologists, and a large collection of industry reference materials I have collected in order to develop my formulas. It is rare for an initial attempt to result in a perfect product, so there is typically a great deal of reformulating, retesting, colorful language, and often a good deal of expense (both time and money) to get it right, but it’s like magic when it finally happens! Sometimes there is a victory dance involved. I also try to maintain the mindset that everything can be improved upon, so it’s not uncommon to find a “new and improved formula” statement in an item description in my online store.

You have wide range of great scents, what’s your favorite one to work with?

That’s almost an unfair question – like asking a parent who their favorite child is. I think that I favor different ones depending on seasonality but I am currently loving my “Put The Lime In The Coconut”, “Life’s A Beach”, and “The Green Bee” for myself. I thoroughly enjoy the process of blending my “Original Stubble Bubbles for Men” oil – I blend products in five different scents for men and this is the one my husband prefers to use so I just love smelling it with that intensity for that length of time! I also distill my own vanilla oil by cutting and scraping Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans into jojoba oil, so my hands and the house smell amazing and warm and inviting when I’m making a fresh batch.

Where do you see “Nicole Made This” in 5 years?

I would love to have my products carried in more unique boutiques and spas around the country and maybe even abroad. I would like to be exploring the possibility of my own space with a small testing showroom and retail area in front and a larger kitchen in the back by then if I’m not already there!

Where can everyone check our your products & buy some gourmet goodies?

In addition to the 24/7 convenience of online shopping on my site a twww.nicolemadethis.com and my Etsy store at www.etsy.com/shop/nicolemadethisinc my products are currently available at The Bold Boutique in Bourbonnais, Illinois and EBB Eco Beauty Bar in Bordentown, New Jersey. I can personally be found at Art Walk in downtown Jacksonville, Florida the first Wednesday of each month from 5-9 pm where I set up inside the lobby of the Visit Jacksonville center across from Chamblin’s Books, and I can also be found at the Williams-Sonoma Artisans’ Market at their St. John’s Town Center location on the third Saturday of each month from noon until 4 pm.

SP Teams Up With: Elastic Hair Bandz

by christina

We teamed up with the lovely Gina & Audrey, mother & daughter team, who create hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-accessorized hairbandz! We love the fact that they created an even better and more comfortable version of the regular ol’ hair tie, that can literally be worn with any outfit because of their extreme range in amazing colors (and can be worn as cute bracelets too!) We are seriously loving their range of colors and designs and knew they’d be a perfect gift in our hair contest, so we just HAD to team up with them! And we’re excited they agreed. Learn more about this creative duo below in our interview with them!

Hello Gina & Audrey! Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started your brand Elastic Hair Bandz?

We are a mother and daughter team. We’ve always been really interested in hair accessories and in particular elastic hair ties. We were always looking for a greater variety of colors especially tie dye and we were unable to find them. In addition, we were disappointed with the quality of the hair ties we bought. So, we started experimenting with hair ties and different types of colors and tie dye colors. Through a lot of trial and error, we came up with the magic formula for dyeing bright vibrant colors. We decided to share our passion for making hair ties, so we decided to open an Etsy Shop in November of 2012.

Where do you get the inspiration for your color choices? 
We hand dye and color our own tie dye colors, but we’re mostly inspired by what’s trending and what’s in season. We are constantly creating new color combinations and themes. We are currently working on NFL Fan Collections for football lovers.

What are your favorite patterns or colors to work with and why?

Tie Dyes are our favorite, but we also love the prints and glitter elastics.

Where do you see your brand 5 years from now? Do you want to expand into other hair accessories or focus on hair bandz?
We are really hoping to expand our business into retail locations. Right now we are focusing on our hair ties & headbands but we are always experimenting with other hair accessories.

Where can our hair lovers find & purchase your products? 
You can find us on Etsy at: www.elastichairbandz.etsy.com and on our website at: www.elastichairbandz.com

And there you have it! Make sure to send in your hair photos to own these lovely hairbandz and check out their adorable Etsy Shop to see their entire collection!

SP teams up with: Gertie & Baxter

by christina

What is worse than having an uncomfortable hair accessory on all day? Well Gertie & Baxter came to the rescue and fixed that problem. We love this brands boho & girly style that is incorporated into each of their handmade designs. We’re delighted to work with them and have their products participate in our contest! Their collection includes tons of gorgeous and comfy headbands and hair accessories, even adding in comfortable jewelry and bags for everyday wear. This sounded like heaven to us so we HAD to team up with them! They were even nice enough to create a discount code on their website for all SALONPULSE followers!! Here’s our interview with the awesome Gertie & Baxter :)

Hi Julie & Jen! Tell us your background in the fashion/art world!
Jen and I met back during Interior Design College at Harrington College of Design.  I graduated school and immediately opened a drapery business, and Jen became a partner a few years later.  We originally started on Etsy selling pillows, using leftover and unwanted fabric from our drapery projects.
We love your bright colors and delicate fabrics, where do you source your inspiration?
I think the california style has had a huge impact on the items that we make.  We take a lot our headband inspirations from beach and summer concert wear.  As far as our winter lines, we pull our inspiration from the Chicago cold.  Jen and I both grew up there, so we KNOW cold.  We love anything soft and try to source our fabrics based on things that will be soft and comfortable to wear.
We admire that you buy your fabrics from local venders, what are some of your favorite spots for snagging great materials?
I moved to California about 2 years ago, near the fabric district.  There are millions of stores that sell beautiful fashion fabrics, just blocks from my apartment.  (Dangerous, I know!)  After a day of wandering through (and purchasing too much) I knew I had to start making women’s accessories.  That was when we made two separate stores, one for pillows/home accessories, and one for women’s accessories.
How would you define the style your line exemplifies?
I would say our line is definitely exemplifies an American girl style.  A lot of classic solid colors, patterns, and wearable pieces that can be worn for everyday life!
Where can readers find out more about you and your items?
our new website!  www.gertiebaxter.com
our etsy shop- www.gertiebaxter.etsy.com
I’ve created a coupon for your readers, they can enter this at checkout for 15% at either site!

SP teams up with: The Gnarly Whale

by christina

Mouthwatering scents + chemical free hair products = THE GNARLY WHALE! 

We are super excited to be able to work with the amazing Gnarly Whale on this hair contest. We’ve been eyeing their products on Urban Outfitters & Etsy for awhile now, and we love being able to share these products and reviews with our followers! Ashley, Owner of The Gnarly Whale, was nice enough to send us a few samples to try and review for you along with our interview with her! These products will be included in our hair contest, so make sure to send your photos in and be a serious lucky winner to own these thangs!

Strawberry Beach Waves (Vegan)- Okay, so where to start with this product? I literally CAN’T stop smelling it! So, everyday for the past few months I’ve been curling my hair into beachy waves. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect beach spray that won’t dry my ends and smells nicely as well. It’s been a trail & error for me until I used Gnarly Whale’s beach spray! The ingredients include water, mediterranean sea salt, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, and fragrance. It all makes sense as to why it worked so well, and maintained my waves all day, because there’s no harsh chemicals! And can i repeat, it smells AMAZING! You literally won’t stop smelling your hair..and i have no complaints about that!

Sudsy Shampoo (Thai Coconut)- This is not the regular shampoo that you buy at your local market, this is on another level, seriously. Because this product is in a spray form bottle, you may wonder..how will it lather? Let me tell you, it lathers better than any other shampoo i’ve tried. The scent is incredible, and it felt really good to use a natural & chemical-free shampoo on my scalp. This shampoo worked so well that my boyfriend stole it out of my shower and brought it back home with him….what more can I say?!

Hair Detangler (Coconut Milk & Peaches)- As us ladies all know, it’s a b**ch to comb those ends out every time we shower without ripping so many strands out. The Gnarly Whale came to my rescue. Because my hair is lightened at the bottoms I try really hard to not brush with too much force. When I sprayed the hair detangler in my hair it made my morning and life so much easier, not kidding. And it does exactly what it claims..”Our Hair Detangler helps ease the brushing process and leaves your hair smelling so good you’ll want to eat it.” Amen!!

After using The Gnarly Whale Detangler & Beach Spray

Now that you get a hint at how great these products really are, let’s meet owner, Ashley Griffith!

Tell us a little about yourself & how the idea of the The Gnarly Whale manifest? The Gnarly Whale truly started as a hobby as I tried to figure out where I wanted to go with my self-employment career. I wanted to be more creative and really step outside my comfort zone (I knew nothing about making beauty products!) so I launched The Gnarly Whale as a small side project. It’s just short of being open a year now and I can honestly say that I never saw myself here, having a thriving business with that’s carried in stores across the world 

Where did you learn to make the delicious ingredient combinations? It’s all self-taught. I love to learn and I’m a book hoarder so when I decided to launch this business, I really dove into it and worked hard to learn what mixes well and what doesn’t. I also love to just test things out for the fun of it! I’ve come up with some great product ideas by accident which are probably my favorite products because they work before I even plan for them too ;)

The fragrances of your products are mouth watering! What’s your personal favorite? If I had to choose one, I’d say Thai Coconut. But there are SO many good ones. My favorite ones are the tropical ones – they remind me of when we got married in Jamaica.

What do you love best about having a beauty product line? Being able to make my own products and giving them to friends and family. All of the products we sell are ones that we use so there isn’t a thing in our shop that I don’t stand behind because we made it with ourselves in mind. Friends and family sometimes tell us they need a new ___ product so we work on those, too. It makes gift giving super easy, too ;)

We see that have great accomplishments so far & are featured & sold at Urban Outfitters amongst other great stores, where do you see TheGnarlyWhale in 5 years from now? Is it weird that I never really thought about that until I read this? I’m much more of a “be in the moment” person which does have a lot of perks, but business-wise . . . it may not be the best attribute of mine. But overall, I would love for The Gnarly Whale to expand it’s line of eco-friendly products (even beyond bath and beauty maybe!) and be working beachside, selling our goods :)
Where can everyone find & purchase your amazing beauty products? Currently you can find them on Etsyonline and in select Urban Outfitters stores, and in various small boutiques/shops across the world. We’ll be launching our own e-commerce site soon though, too!